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Staff Appreciation Week

Staff Appreciation Week (SAW) happens in May each year. The PTA develops a schedule of special events to recognize Coyote Creek's Staff during this week. Room Parents are asked to help with a couple of the week's events (see schedule below). Room Parents should feel free request help from parents in class as needed. Room Parents are encouraged NOT to collect money from the class for a gift for their Teacher during Staff Appreciation Week, though. Group gift-giving is typically reserved for the holidays, end of school year, and/or a birthday. Additionally, a list of all the things the PTA has done to support the School Staff throughout the year will be posted. Some of these things include the following:

  • First Day of School Lunch
  • Holiday Lunch
  • Coffee
  • School Spirit
  • Yard Duty Help
  • Room Parent Support
  • School Paper

Sample Staff Appreciation Week Schedule


Day Event Coordinator

Staff Meeting Snacks

Room Parents


Staff Breakfast



"Thank You" Notes from Kids

Staff Luncheon

Room Parents

Gale Ranch Dental

Friday Staff Luncheon

PTA Hospitality

* Room Parent coordinated event details:

"Staff Meeting Snacks" Event will be coordinated by Room Parents for Coyote Creek's Staff. Room Parents are asked to bring in snacks and beverages for an after school Staff Meeting.

"Thank You Notes from Kids" Event will be coordinated by Room Parents for their Classroom Teacher. Room Parents should have each child bring in a handwritten "Thank You" note for their teacher. Room Parents may also want to supply a basket for their teacher to collect the cards.