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Classroom Parties

Parties and Events


Coyote Creek hosts the following parties & events:

  • Halloween Party - Oct
  • Thanksgiving Feast (K only) - Nov
  • Heritage Celebration (grades 2-5) - Dec
  • 100th Day of School (K only) - Feb
  • Valentine's Day Party - Feb
  • Field Day (grades 1-5) &/or Year End Party - Jun

After meeting with your classroom teacher regarding a party, create a list of items to be donated for the party. Next, invite parents to attend the party and sign up to donate items via Konstella.


Noted below are some party ideas to get your creative juices flowing. You are welcome to borrow these ideas or come up with your own. Finally, as you plan, please consider our school's class party policies: 1) prefer parties be held after lunch; 2) limit sweet treats served to just one; 3) respect your classroom's allergy policy; 4) never decorate with balloons, use fog machines, or bring animals to class; and 5) keep records of any money collected and then spent for party supplies.


If you plan to order party supplies through an online retailer such as Oriental Trading Company, please enter the retailer's website via Box Tops 4 Education's website. When you do this, Coyote Creek PTA benefits! For every $10 you spend, our school earns 8 box tops. Simply click on the "Box Tops 4 Education Marketplace" link located in this page's left margin to get started. Once you have an account set up and are logged in, you can link to Oriental Trading Company's website as well as many other retailers and shop as you normally would. 

Halloween Party Ideas

Valentine's Day Party Ideas


Room Parents should NOT collect money for field trips or Staff Appreciation Week, but may do so for class parties and teacher gifts. For field trips, Room Parents can offer assistance to their teachers by organizing field trip drivers only. For Staff Appreciation Week (SAW), Room Parents are simply asked to support the PTA's outlined agenda for the week. The SAW agenda will be communicated to Room Parents several weeks prior to the event. Any money collected and in turn spent for parties or teacher gifts needs to be well documented. A record must be provided if requested. It's important to note that donating money for class parties or teacher gifts is completely optional. Thus, never send a parent a reminder that they have not paid yet or publish a list of those that have or have not paid.

Teacher Gifts

Teacher gift giving is typical for a teacher's Birthday (or Half Birthday), Winter Holidays (December) and Year End (June). As a Room Parent, you may collect money for teacher gifts. Please be aware that donating for teacher gifts (as well as class parties) is not required. In any teacher gift collection communication, always indicate that participation is optional and parents are free to do an individual gift without recourse or notification that they have not yet paid. It is acceptable practice, though, to only include the names of those families that contributed to the present on the gift card that accompanies the present.

Guidelines for food in schools
This link contains both the wellness and allergy policies (as well as a slew of others). 
As always, you must also be mindful of any food allergies in your class when planning the food for class parties.