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How can I help?


Please consider showing your support by purchasing a PTA membership at our online store Future Fund 


School volunteers may be parents/guardians, community members, senior citizens or upper-grade students whose participation supports a PTA or school program, activity or event.

How much time and commitment is involved depends on a volunteer’s availability. And, it can range from one time only assignments to monthly, weekly or daily volunteer activities to meet the goals, needs and priorities of a PTA or school to help ensure student success.

Assignments might involve activities such as:

  • Supervising lunchrooms and playgrounds
  • Assisting in a class, library or school office
  • Sharing a special skill or occupation to enrich classroom learning
  • Preparing materials or assisting with a PTA or school program, activity or event 


Can't volunteer this time? Come to the event! Show your support and get engaged with our community!

For questions, please contact Shama Chavan

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